This show featured myself, Johnny Blue Star, host of Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition. along with Don Newsom, owner of BBS Radio and entrepreneur, a frequent guest on our program. This series, RECIPES FOR A PERFECT WORLD- A GEOPOLITICAL PERSPECTIVE, explores the typically polarized solutions to these types of problems and presents alternative paradigms to our current political debates. Of course, these types of problems would go unnoticed, no matter how dangerous partial solutions are, unless the electorate in a given country is informed and awakened. This program goes through some of the steps to become this type of informed citizen, an effort which requires much patience, much self-scrutiny and the belief that the effort is valuable, if we want to effect critically needed change- to preserve our human and citizen rights, to protect our environment, to create conditions for true prosperity and to defend our nation against tyranny.

The United States is the world’s largest economy and it has the world’s largest military. The question is, considering the existence of so many nuclear powers and the potential antagonism between a number of them, do we need to rethink our role in perpetuating the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction- and, as a start, should we rethink our many military excursions that lack the oversight and approval of Congress, as spelled out in the Constitution? Did we really need to invade Syria twice and, putting aside the lack of Congressional approval, did we really have confirmation that the event even happened, considering voices on the ground that say the contrary? An informed citizen wants to know.

To counteract the darkness of the conversation, we ended with three songs by the LIGHTSTORM, written and performed by the founders of the band, Johnima and Kalassu Wintergate: Roadrunner, Sweet Dreamer and Give Me Your Love.

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