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My name is Johnny Blue Star. I have spent a great deal of my life pursuing my goals to be a writer, broadcaster and songwriter- with aspirations to be an actor and a singer always hiding behind my main pursuits. Much of my background can be found at www.newgalaxyenterprises.com, a website that emphasizes my role as a media content developer. In working alone and with others, I have had the opportunity to write novels, screenplays, non-fiction books, work on many types of Internet projects and be an actor/ producer of several science fiction radio series on AM and FM radio, a talk show host on many AM radio and on many podcast programs. Although I was always oriented towards spiritual understanding and development, I was ambitious and tried to achieve my larger media goals. Still, despite these interests, because of how I was brought up, I had strong political beliefs, particularly in the area of human and citizen rights.

I supposed the main reason for my political interests was my parents. My father was an attorney, specializing in litigation- but also regularly involved in taking pro bono assignments and helping in areas related to civil rights. When I was in college, he joined with the head of the Maryland NAACP, Juanita Mitchell (also an attorney), in defending me and 15 other defendants in a case revolving around a sit-in during the last years of segregation in Maryland. He also went down to help protect civil rights workers from police abuse in SNCC’s Mississippi Freedom Summer. My mother was the head social worker for a non-profit agency that assisted the poor with legal services. Both my parents taught a college course together in Poverty and the Law. I was very inspired by my parents. The last year before his retirement, my father was involved in assisting victims in four police brutality trials. I was taught that core American values were implicit in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and that our country was often rather slowly, but eventually, moving forward towards the goal of assuring all men and women of equal rights under the law.

After 911, I became extremely disturbed at the attack on our personal liberties. Owing to the fortuitous focus of one of my high school teachers, I was very aware of the Constitution and very proud of our American ideals. As I grew up, I became suspicious of the motivations behind the Viet Nam War and other elements of our foreign policy- but not critical of the first and second Gulf War until I began to look more closely at many elements regarding our foreign policy and the ever-expanding attack on our freedoms. At one point, I became very certain that the Congress of the United States and other aspects of our government- had a separate agenda from We the People.

My concerns for my country- and, in fact, the rest of the world- took place during a time of great challenges and ultimately, great transformation within myself. After starting a podcast called Threshold, which dealt with spiritual matters and the power of manifestation, I found my topics ever more veering towards the conflict between the actions of government and the ideals of the Declaration and the Constitution.

Eventually, I expanded my programming to include a program called “Inalienable and Free” which became a kind of testing ground for exploring the development of an organization called The Coalition for Planetary Empowerment to allow members to explore the concept of personal manifestation with the power of collective manifestation- indirectly dealing with their personal goals, but also to take charge of protecting their political freedom. This became a crowd-funding project to build a social media infrastructure to lobby the government for change through jointly creating initiatives, finding candidates who believed in restoring, maintaining, and enhancing our citizen rights, and promoting them in campaigns. I also wanted this structure, to be developed potentially as a model for other countries to use who believed in the universal values, described in Jefferson’s phrase, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” While not directly funding new candidates and initiatives, the Coalition would allow members to create their own initiatives and campaign for candidates for primaries and general elections and perhaps even initiate efforts at public recalls or special elections.

Our home page presents the latest efforts to develop this project. We are very interested to hear your point of view. We also have a forum we hope to develop where people can freely talk about their concerns.

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