Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Inalienable and Free and integrative physician and co-host, Hugo Rodier, M.D. discuss the role of patriotic reporting in covering the attack on the alleged chemical weapon infrastructure in Syria.

People in government and in the military take an oath to obey the Constitution. In many ways, the Constitution is representative of the ideals and purposes of the American Republic. Unlike the flag, which is a symbol, the Constitution is an actually repository of the laws and progressive rights granted to the citizens of the United States and the spirit that lies behind them. If the flag points to anything besides the patriots who serve our country, it points to the Constitution. The press, sometimes referred to the Fourth Estate, is the only business specifically protected by the Constitution.

As Jefferson wrote in 1799, I am… for freedom of the press, and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reason the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents. Looking at this quotation today, in light of a media that has been so largely co-opted by advertisers and media, the question is- does it really serve the people in the way Jefferson demanded? Does it serve the people in the real sense? Not in subservience to the government or sponsors? Has the mainstream media abandoned patriotic reporting?

The recent attack on Syria raises many questions that journalism has an obligation to address, particularly in relationship to laws governing an act of war and the role of the Executive Branch. Is current mainstream reporting on the Syrian attack an archetype of reporting that ignores the role of the press as an agent of the people In the case of Syria, there are many questions that cry to be answered? What the act of war legal in regard to the national and international law? Even if the attack was or was not legal, was there any real effort to prove who caused the attack and, further, if the attack was faked? Did the chlorine attack raise to the level of a red line- as some officials of the State Department denied some months ago? Did an attack on a country defended by a nuclear power actually make sense? Was it really defending the United States or putting it into danger.

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