In this program, we deal with a different paradigm for armed conflict than the one currently used throughout the world. This hunt for new and better paradigms in various geopolitical areas is one part of the purpose of the Coalition for Planetary Empowerment, an organization and social network this program promotes.

There is no doubt that the United States now has two major conflicts it is engaged directly and somewhat indirectly in- the war in Syria involving our participation that could trigger a confrontation with Russia (remember, a Russian plane was “accidentally” shot down last week, but not by the U.S. – with very serious implications if it had been). So that kind of confrontation could lead to the Third World War, which if nuclear, could lead to the total planetary devastation for all life on Earth. The second conflict is the Saudi attack on Yemen, which has led to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis that affects literally millions of innocent civilians, including, perhaps, a majority of children. We explore how the mindset behind these two situations is anathema to peace and to cooperative interactivity between nations.

The peculiar part of his new paradigm is that its formulation exists now as law, if interpreted right, in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Charter of the United Nations, legally-binding resolutions of the Security Council, various treaties and international agreements. But though they existed, these international and national laws have been regularly violated. The result has been a lawlessness in the chaos that followed. In this show, we read the transcript of a speech from the Permanent Representative from Bolivia who, in 2017, very articulately described the legal transgressions made by the U.S., Great Britain and France when they precipitously attacked Syria for an alleged chemical attack on its own civilians, an attack which a variety of alternative media and boots-on-the-ground reporters have claimed to have probably never have happened at all.

Our Founding Fathers were visionaries and sometimes it took decades, even centuries, for American laws and enforcement practices to catch up to their vision.
For instance, the paradigm of law suggested by the phrase, “all men are equal,” which was a beautiful, spiritual and ethical foundation for law. But the Founders of the American Republic were slaveholders at a time that suffrage was basically confined, for various reasons, to white property owners. Still, that paradigm had a life of its own and we evolved towards it, despite the challenges presented by the current administration.

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