Johnny Blue Star, producer and cohost of Inalienable and Free” joins his co-host, Hugo Rodier, an integrative physician with a common concern for the political health of the citizens of the U.S.- discuss immigration policies in the United States from a spiritual perspective- based on the words and principles defined by the Declaration and the Constitution. Dreamers are immigrants who often lived most of their young lives here and had been brought over by non-documented parents. Their potential deportation had seemed particularly cruel to millions in this country, partially because of their work ethic and educational achievements as well as their loyalty and identification with themselves as Americans.

After very disturbing statements during the campaign, President Trump somewhat softened his rhetoric about various nationalities, particularly in regards to the Dreamers, who he claimed to “love.” This did not keep him from executing a travel band against various Islamic countries, nor seeming to almost reluctantly take a strong stance against hate groups and sometimes even seeming to side with him with various stories about the cruelty  executed by his deportations, as well as his attack on Sanctuary cities. Nonetheless, claiming his regards for the law, he turned the Fate of the Dreamers over to Congress, stating clearly his hope and belief that they would be well taken care of.

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