This show takes excerpts from a Threshold Radio show called -Trump Perfected,- recorded in mid-August of 2017, when we envisioned what Trump would be like if he truly followed a spiritual path. In this show, we explain how we are basically feeling that his current approach to the de-nuclearization of North Korea was not only the best that could be expected but tactically and strategically smart. Wealso felt he demonstrated a degree of statesmanship that was a departure from much of his former geopolitical adventures. Still, looking at various elements of his current activities, spiritual transformation or even conscience-driven changes in attitude and policy seemed light years away.

In this show, we document he and his colleagues’ callous indifference to the suffering caused by his move to the Jerusalem, a time when festivities were taking place in the embassy-s new home while a massacre was taking place in Gaza, with dozens slain and hundreds wounded. Following this we observe how the US vetoed an investigation into Israel’s actions while Nikki Haley, the US ambassador tried to get amendment to blame Hamas for the events in Gaza. Meanwhile, we note his continuing involvement in endless wars throughout the world, continually taking large numbers of civilian lives. We saw his on-going attempt to use the 800,000 DACA residents’ deportation as a bargaining chip for his immigration policies. We also note he and his attorney general’s creation of a policy to separate children from their undocumented parents at the border, igniting outrage throughout the country. The Trump Administration is also attempting to use this widely-condemned policy to leverage their proposed immigration policies.

All this does not necessarily imply a radical spiritual transformation in the works for Trump, although perhaps his handling of the North Korean situation is a sign of a change. We can always hope.

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