In the past few weeks, the U.S. and Israel have been collaborating on different levels. During this time, the controversial move to Jerusalem, whose negative consequences were played down by the U.S. prior to the move- took place during a massacre of protestors in Gaza. To many, the overtures for peace as a result of the move sounded hollow in one of the most public exhibitions of Israeli excessive violence ever seen. Snipers deliberately shot men, women, children, doctors and journalists- killing dozens and wounding hundreds. Knowing the virulent level of antisemitism already proliferating on the Internet, it seemed possible that other alleged wrongs of Israel and those of Jewish heritage, often speculative, could be conflated now with an indisputable evil.

This program was designed to show the difference between the early Biblically-minded Jews who had been subjected to the Russian pogroms and other atrocities world-wide during the late 19th century and other modalities of interest. Some of them, like Theodore Herzl, who helped found the Zionist movement, were more motivated by political motives to protect a persecuted people than to return to Israel for Biblical reasons. In this program, we trace the evolvement of the original concept of moving the European Jews to Palestine to live side-by-side in what was essentially an Arab Palestine. Not a state of Israel, but a place where Jews could live safe and comfortably,

But during this period of negotiation and discussion, very serious Zionists who wanted an actual state became involved and various overtures and agreements led to the Balfour Declaration, which would have a very lethal consequence for the Arabs in that region, particularly during the War of 1948, which led to Israeli independence. This program tries to describe the various interactions between men like Emir Feilel, the leader of the Arab Revolt, who became the principal Arab negotiator after the British threw out the Turks and controlled the region; Chaim Weizmann, who was the head of the Zionist Movement; T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), who was concerned to help the Jews without compromising the Arabs he had fought with him in the hopes of gaining their sovereignty. The result was a tangled mess of negotiations in which the Arabs had been continually deceived of British intentions.

Many Jews, world-wide, are saddened and angry at the way the Arabs have been treated and the crimes committed against them during the aftermath of the 1948 war and the events that led to the occupation and their reduction to often despised, second class citizens.

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