Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Inalienable and Free joins his co-host, Hugo Rodier, an integrative physician with a common concern for the political health of the citizens of the U.S.- discuss the extreme volatility of government policies the week preceding April 7th 2018. Together they discuss Trump’s declaration of the death of DACA and the surprisingly quick execution of his ordering of the National Guard to our Southern Border. Perhaps quite troubling was the alleged chemical attack on Syrian citizens and the rapid-fire conclusion that Assad was to blame, but also Putin and Iran, even quicker than the response to the UK claim that led to the expulsion of diplomats from many countries, led by UK and the U.S. after the poisoning of a UK spy and his daughter. Then, there was the violent and deadly efforts of the Israeli Army to counter a very large Palestinian protest and the escalation of Tariffs against China which temporarily knocked the Stock Market out of orbit. Inalienable and Free broadcasts Live every Saturday at 9 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, Noon Eastern on BBS Radio (

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