This program involved Don Newsom (owner of BBS Radio and entrepreneur) and I (Johnny Blue Star, host of Inalienable and Free, discussing the first topics in a new series emphasizing solutions to various current policies governing geopolitics affecting human and citizen rights in the United States and throughout the world.

The program began with an important reminder about how spiritual perspective on human and citizen rights, highlighting our believe the both core spirituality (basic belief in the goodness of God and the possibility of making a direct connection with the Divine Presence as indicated by the inner teaching of all correctly formulated spiritual beliefs, which recognize that all men are equal (as the Declaration says) and are endowed with certain inalienable rights, including health and prosperity. To make decisions affecting other people on this planet without the attitude of love and concern for their challenges and their suffering is a departure from human conscience, which is a human psychological mirror of the righteousness inherent in the experience of the Divine Presence.

Peace on Earth, however seemingly unreachable and challenging now, demands that we get rid of the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction. This is probably agreed upon by all world leaders and all governments knowing that the human species and, in fact, all animal and plant species could face radical extinction if there is a full scale nuclear war. Still, considering the continuing refining and upgrading of these weapons, the idea of true disarmament is largely lip service. Reducing stockpiles of weapons that lesson the exponential power of destroying the whole planet- is a set of fascinating but largely useless political dance steps. What we need are elected officials who see the dangers we are in and have made the decision to take action, action which would create and validate international legal requirements, agreed to by all nations- that would validate the end to the MAD scenario, destroy entirely these weapons systems and all other WMP weapons and their strategic and tactical scenarios. Furthermore, a very sophisticated and iron clad international policing force would need to be set up on a permanent basis.

In this program, we discuss two weapons of mass destruction developed respectively by the U.S. and Russia. These weapons, a submarine and a more advanced ballistic missile, demonstrate the extraordinary firepower that could instantaneously embroil the planet in unstoppable and lethal nuclear scenarios. We also go into more detail about the grievious effects of nuclear winter.

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