Welcome to the Coalition Forum. The Coalition is a membership site in progress. Please refer to the information on the home page to find out more about our goals in detail. Suffice to say here, we are trying to create a social media infrastructure that can be used by members to address human and citizen rights issues of government, corporate business and media. But given the circumstances involving censorship, massive surveillance and government policies that try to skirt our protections of free speech, the rules in this Forum are meant to protect its participants as much as possible from outside interference.

Comments in this forum must not utilize obscene language or in any sense have been created to intimidate others of a different point of political or ideological view of the member or those representing a specific race or ethnicity, religious membership or any other type of prejudicial bias. We point out here that intimidation is different than having a specific political point of view which may object to certain beliefs or actions of a political group or government. Obviously, since we are building an advocacy group through the Coalition, we want comments here to support an ideology that protects proper free speech and to opposing points of view that wish the alteration or destruction of our inherent rights as human beings.

Participants are asked to register using any public user name they want, as long it adheres to the rules above regarding comments in this forum.

Since this is a public forum- and since various outside entities may attempt to surveil the contents of this forum, without our permission, we ask all members to keep this in mind when making comments. Since the current purpose of the Coalition for Planetary Empowerment is mainly to create a lobbying and voting bloc in the United States, we need to protect our fellow members to the extent it is possible from intrusive government, corporate and media actions that may try to criminalize or censor this site and or its members. And members of this forum from other countries need to realize that any exercise of these freedoms here could jeopardize their safety and freedom because of their country’s attitudes towards the freedoms we believe that rightfully ours and entitled to all citizens of the world.

While we applaud the actions of whistleblowers, the Coalition is an attempt address the many very public laws and policies that assault our rights to liberty and prosperity. We do not have to engage in whistleblowing by publishing classified documents to do this. There is enough public information to accomplish a great deal. So, to protect members of this site who do not want to want to be associated with illegal whistleblowing, we, therefore, prohibit the use of links or attachments on this site or any dialogue that may breach current law regarding classified material. Sources can be quoted directly as long as copyright laws are respected (fair usage copyright laws allow direct quotes to be used, in certain cases, without infringement) and these sources can be cited, but without links. This restriction is not in any way meant to condemn the act of whistleblowing, which is often admirable and truly patriotic. In order to create a large number of citizens, who feel free to utilize this site without that level of risk and cannot afford, wish, or are capable of facing this level of confrontation with the government, we are making this restriction in this forum.

Further, we reserve the right to utilize comments in this forum to promote these rights- but we members should be aware that we do not accept any liability whatsoever for their comments. The ideas they present, if they seem valuable to use in the Coalition, will be used by us freely without any required attribution. Participants must understand that the participation in this forum in any way automatically gives permission to the Coalition to use these ideas so we can hopefully build on them collectively. The whole purpose of the Coalition in regard to the United States is to address abuses in existing or proposed laws and policies and to create initiatives to change these laws and policies that may be used by Congress and by government agencies. But we also believe that members from other countries may derive value from this dialogue and provide valuable insight into the creation of just and responsive governments, businesses, and media in their own countries.

After the Coalition infrastructure is built, we anticipate that it may have a new or revised forum with perhaps different rules of membership.

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